7th Grade Memories, And Advice

My Survival Tips

1.  Always stay organized and do not let yourself get unorganized.

2.  Always stay on top of your work and do not procrastinate

3.  Never talk back to any of the teachers and always behave well.

My Precept For Oncoming 7th Graders

7th Grade has been the best year for me.  It will be the best year for you to if you stay on task and are well behaved.  Between camp and Fun'n stuff it will the best year yet!  So have fun!

By: Spencer Brown

10 Best Memories Of 7th Grade

1.  Radio Broadcast/disease

For this we had a group of four, Frank, Jason, Shawn and me.  We made a radio broadcast about diseases and it was really, really fun.

2. Road Of Trials Activity With Krisfalusit

We had to face a large amount of challenges.  One was that we had to solve some cool word puzzles!  It was one of my favorite times in 7th grade.

3. Grudge Ball

This game we had to answer questions and if we answered them correctly we could shoot a ball into a hoop!  It was very fun.

4. Outsiders Day

Outsiders day was when we got to dress up as a soc or a greaser.  I dressed up as a greaser.  We played many games, it was awesome!

5. Band Concerts

We had two band concerts, one in the Winter and one in the Spring.  My favorite song we played was Flying Tigers.  Concerts are great!

6. Lunch

I liked lunch because I always really did not have a good breakfast so when lunch came around I was always hungry.  Plus you get to hang out with your friends.

7. Track

Track was one of my favorite 7th grade experiences.  I ran the mile and the 800m dash.  All of my friends were in track so that made it even more fun!

8. Gym

Gym was one of the most fun in school classes you will take.  The warm ups are all very fun and we play kickball, softball, tennis, volleyball and many more.  This year I had Mr. Ross who is a very good coach.

9. Monty Python Videos/ In Social Studies

In Dr. Bate's Social Studies class we were shown some old clips from a Monty Python movie called Holy Grail.  The clips that he showed us were really, really funny!

10. Camp

Camp was the MOST fun thing I did my 7th grade year.  I was in a cabin with all of my friends.  We did a ton of fun activities.  One of the activities that we did was rock climbing!  I made it all the way to the top and then I got to zip line down.  There were plenty more activities that we did that were super fun!

Flemming Falls   (Above)

HELA Memories...

HELA was most likely my favorite class by far this year.  We did many fun activities and projects.  One thing we did was the Museum which we made out of cardboard and a ton of supplies.  Other highlights of HELA are the radio broadcast, Road of Trials activities and when we read And Then There Were None.

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Spencer, great start! I love the media you added! Be sure to put your name on the main slide.