My trip to the arabian peninsula!!!

Some Tips for Visiting!


Bring a Camel!

            In the Desert there is close to no water, and you can't take a car. A Camel can survive for days without water so you don't have to make sure to give it water all the time and use the water for yourself.


Bring a Shovel!

        When you find an Oasis you might have to dig to get to the water, so I'd definitely bring something to dig with.

The Coastal Plain-

Get to Work!

If you end up at the Coastal Plains you have a lot of work to do, I would suggest building dams and wells for water. Conserving water from rain would also be a good idea. Also plant crops to start farms, get in touch with local towns to see what they have so that you can trade with them as well.


Take A Leaf out of Rihanna's Book and-

Bring an Umbrella!-

It's sure to be rainy up in those mountains so be ready to get wet unless you can make a house. And what better to build a house in the mountains out of than mud bricks? Another thing, because of the steepness you might want to build a set of stairs out of the rocks.