William Tecumseh Sherman

By: Chris Mach

Evidence 1: William Tecumseh Sherman was a serious trooper and he had commitment at war.

Warrant 1.1: At the first battle of the bull run he was shot and grazed by bullets in the knee and the shoulder.  He hates the fact of defeat so he won the war, and A. Lincoln promoted him to a Brigadier General.  And was looked upon by the president.

Warrant 1.2: His very first major test was at the Battle of Shiloh, he and his general planned a very strategic sneak attack, which caught the enemies off guard and led the union to there victory.  "Grant, we've had the devils own day, haven't we?" Grant replies with. "Yes, lick'em tomorrow though."

Warrant 1.3: Sherman's leadership in Vicksburg was even more exquisite than his other previous battles.  For Sherman that made Lincoln and Grant promote him shortly after Vicksburg.  Then shortly after the war Sherman was going through depression and he tried to commit suicide but was unsuccessful.  He then lived till he passed away some years later.

But in summary i think that William Tecumseh Sherman was an all out bandit when it came to war, his strategies and techniques when it came to the battles were thought of right then and there.  There was no losing in his mind, he was consistent with his men, he made sure that they were okay. And he was only shot so many times.

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