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Woodruff High principal says flags on trucks violated school policy

Summary of Story/Link

      The principal at Woodruff High School, Aaron Fulmer, took down American flags from students vehicles that they had mounted on posts in their truck beds in memory of 9/11. The principal claimed that the flags violated a school policy, they were a disturbance on campus and drew an "unusual amount of attention to oneself". Therefore, the principal took the flags down from the vehicles and returned them to the four students that they belonged to at the end of the day. When he received complaints, he said that he cannot discriminate in enforcing policy.

Ideals Related to This Story

Lack of rights and lack of liberty are both associated with this story.

      The high school's principal violated the rights of the four students. They had put these flags up in their trunk beds to remember 9/11 and the principal claimed they were disturbing the students. He also violated their privacy by removing the flags from the students' trucks. This four students were not allowed to have the American flags that they had mounted there for a good purpose. This shows their lack of liberty since the principal limiting their actions was unnecessary.    

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