Qin Dynasty 221 BCE - 206 BCE

  1. Qin accomplished a series of swift conquests; the state,Despite its military strength, the Qin Dynasty did not last long.Spring and Qin Dynasty was the first unified, multi-national and power-centralized state in . Although surviving only 15 years, the dynasty held an important role in ... At the end of the Qin Dynasty Autumn, For such philosophers as Confucius concerned about the decay of values.King Zheng was the Qin dynasty leader                                                                                                                                                                         
  • The Qin state derived its name from its heartland of Qin, in modern-day Gansu and Shaanxi. The strength of the Qin state was greatly increased by the legalist reforms of Shang Dynastyin the fourth century BC, during theWarring States period. In the mid and late third century BC, the Qin accomplished a series of swift conquests, first ending the.During its reign over China, the Qin sought to create an imperial state unified by highly .The Qin's military was also revolutionary in that it used the most recently developed weaponry, transportation, and tactics, though the government was heavy-handed and bureaucratic .tured  political power and a stable economy able to support a large military.        Summary It was hard back then wen the Qin dynasty was  in ruled they had to look  over there back every time. They do something that other people was over there watching them and they had. A new intervene and other didn't like the way they was did  stuff  so. They was attacked and then a new dynasty rueld. They never rueld again afther that

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