Owning A Clothing Store

Preppy Brands like Vineyards vines and others below will attract customers to your clothing store. Other clothes like Nike and L.L Bean are good sellers and are reliable brands. Nike is good for sports like football, soccer, basketball, baseball. Nike is also good for running and warming up for sports and big events. Clothes like L.L Bean and Patagonia are great for skiing and hiking up mountain sides. Patagonia jackets and hoodies are good for staying warm and protecting yourself from the harsh weather enviorments of the mountain.

Season brands like Patagonia and Northface sell out fast in the cold winters. There jackets and hoodies are great for keeping warmth and insulation. Patagonia can also be a summer brand becuase they make some T-shirts in all diffrent colors.

What type of clothes will you sell in your clothing shop?

Type here.

Should you sell your clothes for more than you paid?

You want to make profit off your clothes. But keep it at a reasonable price. Not too much over and not less, to were you don't make your money back.

Its usually a good idea to open your shop up on a busy street or around people. The more customers you have, the more money you earn!

How can I start?

You can start with hiring family members and close friends to work at your clothing store.

And you can get them to help out with ordering new clothes and selling them!

You need to include clothes for both genders. The more clothes that are being sold, the more money your making.

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