Phase 2

Flower of Piece

Our graph depicts a rather intricate design of a flower. A flower that is now never seen in the eyes of humans because it is long since extinct. There were no mistakes in the equations of each graph; but rather, used many different functions for each part of the flower. For example we used both negatives and positives. We used Cos and Sin. We included Deta. We first started with r= 1, r=3 and r=5. Those made up three circles. Next we added r=4cos deta and r=-4cos deta. It made two circles on the left and right side of the graph.We added more circles by putting it up and down, using Sin.Then for the rest of the 4 equations we made roses using r=cos(2deta), r2=4cos(2deta), r=5cos(2deta) and r=7sin(2deta).Using larger circles as the outer sides of the flower and roses as the father reaching petals. We also used inverted circles and a small rose as our detailed central flower. Our graph shows great beauty and intelligence.

-Jenny An and Kyle Castillo


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