Venetian Arsenal Architect

Who made Venice to be in the center of trade and military for centuries

Hello, I am an Architect that built a structure called Venetian Arsenal. Venetian Arsenal is a complex of shipyard and armory clustered in one structure that was invented in Venice, Italy. Let me first introduce the structure that I built which was Arsenal. This structure was the largest structure that was built before the Industrial revolution. This of course was needed because its purpose is to build huge ships that could travel and fight. Originally our arsenal was only supposed to build naval ships for army and country, but after the transformation, it also builds merchant ships that traveled along the world and exchanged and bought things. In our era, specific type of ship called Galley was dominant. It was a fast, long, and thin ship that enabled people in Europe to travel through a lot of places very fast. Also the number of ship and solidity was also very important in any situations. We, therefore, the Venetian Arsenal Architects, adopted a new technique that we called frame-first system which is similar to the production line or assembly line that people use in modern days. By making a standardized part and assembling it, the speed of making boats greatly increased, and we could make one ship a day. Some other people who worked at the arsenal also built weapons that ships need such as crossbow, cannon, and catapults. This was a significant development that empowered both our military and our economy. Our naval power soon became dominant due to the Arsenal we built and our skills to build and maintain ships much faster than other countries gave us a huge advantage. Therefore, I and my friends who worked at the Venetian Arsenal was a very important figure in this period by making Venice to be powerful and eventually helped out country to control the whole trade going on in Mediterranean area.

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