Brighton Beach Memoirs

Veronica Garcia

"Brighton Beach is about a boy name Eugene Morris and his family fighting through the difficult time of the great depression and the problems they fight through!

By: Neil Simon

The Great Depression

The Great Depression (1929-39) was the deepest and longest-lasting economic downturn in the history of the Western industrialized world. In the United States, the Great Depression began soon after the stock market crash of October 1929, which sent Wall Street into a panic and wiped out millions of investors. Over the next several years, consumer spending and investment dropped, causing steep declines in industrial output and rising levels of unemployment as failing companies laid off workers. By 1933, when the Great Depression reached its nadir, some 13 to 15 million Americans were unemployed and nearly half of the country’s banks had failed. Though the relief and reform measures put into place by President Franklin D. Roosevelt helped lessen the worst effects of the Great Depression in the 1930s, the economy would not fully turn around until after 1939, when World War II kicked American industry into high gear.

Iowa State University

I believe the best school for Eugene to go to is Iowa State University: It has one of the best writing programs in the United States which is great for the young writer, Eugene.

Iowa State University is a very wealthy school and as the tuition now maybe around $7,700 but back then it's around $580 so the cost were major cheap.

Room and Board was also very strict and would only allow boys with boys and girls with girls. But since then they have moved towards mixed rooms, and as there room policies changed, so did there prices. In the nineteen-thirties they were around $350 but now they cost around $2,080. Books were different to now a days they cost as an estimate of $340, but back then they were $50 bucks. Talk about cheap huh!

The major differences from today and back then is the cost, living, and social standards. Many people didn't go to school because back then, there was no need for a college degree, much less a high school degree. The living standards were also very cheap and affordable so there was no struggle to loss a home, although they did have many other family members to also help to pay the bills. And the social standards were very low and not extravagant to show everybody you were the best, because everybody practically had  enough money and time to show anything off.

Stan's Apology Letter

Dear, Mr. Stroheim

I would like to apologize for my unjustified actions towards your shoes. And would like to inform you, that I have a reason for my terrible gentlemen actions. And would also be  very grateful if you were to consider to give me my job back.

To start off I am a young man that is well influenced by there father. Therefore, my father is a very educated and strong minded about the importance of equality. You see Mr. Stroheim, my father always said that you must fight for your principles' and that meant even if you must lose things along the way to get your point across. But, I felt that what you did to that man wasn't very nice and he deserved a second chance, instead of being very cruel for a very unjustified mistake.

You must know by now Mr. Stroheim, that the war is coming close to the United States and my family needs every single cent we could receive at the moment. And depriving me from getting a second chance, would kill me to know that my family may just not forgive me again for my terrible mistake of just doing my job. I'll make sure to work harder on my behalf and to arrive to work even earlier!

Sincerely, Stanly Jerome

P.s: I really need this job back!

Finding Neverland

  • The first show was at New York in the Lunt-Fontanne Theater
  • The average cost of one ticket to the Finding Neverland is $90 to $250
  • The musical explores the power of imagination to open doors to new worlds

Personal Review

I absolutely adore the comedy Brighton Beach Memories! It was a fantastic book which I am guessing is way much better to see live on Broadway,  the comedy and the realism that came into the book is what made me fall in love with such a well made up and thought out book!

My favorite character was of course Eugene just how he was able to say so freely how he felt about his puberty and how he connected to every character with his loud and very sarcastic attitude!

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