Failure defeats losers, but it inspires winners!

(Success takes struggles)

My definition of success is knowing what you want to succeed in. Understanding the obstacles that come with it because nothing that you really want and that is meant to be comes easy. Create a positive mentality that you can do it and nothing else . Having a good state of mind also saying that success is inevitable. Don't think of self doubt because all that will do is bring you down and make you believe that you cant do it. Embrace the challenges given to you because with challenges you'll make mistakes and with mistakes you'll learn life lessons. Keep your mind focused on succeeding and show everyone you can do it. If anyone ever doubted you know that at the end of the struggles and obstacles it'll you proved them wrong.

My life motto: " No struggle or problem no matter how impossible it may seem to find a solution nothing can stop my success or DESTINY!"

" Behind me is infinite power, before me is endless possibilities, around me is boundless opportunities. My strength is mentally, physically, and spiritually."

What i think it takes to be successful is knowing what struggles its going to take to get to the gratification you want. Having a positive mentality knowing in your heart and mind that you are going to succeed. Acknowledging the fact that people are going to try to kick you down, but knock them down by proving to them that you can do anything you set your mind to. You have to be strong minded and believe in yourself, also have potentiality. Willing to fail because failure is part of success  

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