"Live Young"

The advertisement looks very appealing due to the graphics they have used in producing the ad and the background music is a bonus. The song selection of the advertisement is very catchy; can make any individual want to watch it even if they are not going to purchase the product. It can make you dance along to it! It's that powerful! The intended audience of the advertisement could be anyone, from adults to children.

The advertisement is about the drinking water. The tagline of this advertisement is "Live Young" because it brings out the kid in you that can make you do some crazy things. The product can boost your energy, self-esteem as well as the audience's curiosity. The producers of the advertisement have used the Amazing Spiderman to appeal towards the children and grab their attention. They have used the Mind-Share model and the Emotional Branding approach to display the children's  emotions about their favorite hero and make them believe they can identify to their hero.

In popular culture, the product is depicted as luxury and expensive bottled water. The product is most popular among the celebrities and the upper-class individuals. The product is mass produced and widely used among the well-known people and by using the Amazing Spiderman as the model, it shows the popularity of the Hollywood world.