My Summer Vacation 2014!

I had a great time this summer, going on bike rides, hiking, and other stuff like that. But one day when i woke up my dad told us that we were going to go to the Oregon Coast. On August 24th, we left at 2 AM in the morning so we could get there around noon. At the Oregon Coast we spent a lot of our time sitting at the beach and enjoying the view. But at times when we were not at the beach, we would be at aquariums and walking around town. We went to different restaurants and basically lived off of clams and fish for a whole week. We spent most of our time in Seaside, but we also went to Astoria and Canon Beach. When it was low tide we went to Haystack Rock and we saw a lot of starfish and hermit crabs. Standing at the beach was my favorite part because it was relaxing to put my feet in the hot sand and I loved listening to the crashing waves. The view was also amazing, seeing water for hundreds of miles ahead of you, you just have to be there to understand how beautiful it is. All in all, my summer vacation was fantastic and I hope to go again next summer.

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3 years ago

Very nice work Jackson! I love the beach too!