Age 3 Milestones

Physical Development

By age 3 a child should have all 20 primary teeth.

At age 3 a child will gain 4-5 pounds.

3 year olds are about half of their adult height.

Gross Motor

At age 3 a toddler can hop and balance on one foot for a brief amount of time.

3 year old should be able to pedal a tricycle.

A 3 year old is capable of walking up the stairs alternating feet while holding onto a rail.

Fine Motor

At age 3 they will be able to place small objects in small openings easily.

A toddler at this age will also be able to construct a block tower consisting of more than nine cubes.

At 3 years old a child can copy and draw a circle.

Self-help Skills

A 3 year olds can dress themselves (may need help with buttons and zippers).

At 3 a child may be able to put his or her shoes on alone.

They are able to get their own snack from the pantry (if snack is on a low shelf).


A 3 year old toddler can remember events in the near past (yesterday, the day before, or even last week).

By 3 a child will ask for and accept assistance if he or she needs it.

Will engage in pretend play by age

Language Comprehension

Your 3 year old can understand and follow simple commands that you give to them.

A 3 year old understands the concept of "two"

3 year  old know their own full names.

At 3 a child will understand gender differences.

Expressive Language

A child can say his or her name and age by age 3.

By age 3 a child can speak between 250 and 500 words.

Around age 3 a child will begin telling stories.

Math Readiness

Some 3 year olds are able to count up to five items in a sequence.

By age 3 some kids will be able to recognize one digit numerals.

3 year olds understand the words "one" "two" "three" and maybe "four".

Social Development

Likes to play alone but will play near other children.

By age 3 a child will begin to notice and understand other peoples feelings and moods.

At age 3 a toddler does not cooperate or share well with other kids.

3 year olds will recognize their own limits.

At 3 a child will be able to make a choice between 2 things.

Emotional Development

At age 3 a child will be bossy and defiant.

By age 3 children will begins showing more independence.

At age 3 toddlers become less egocentric.

3 year olds will begin experiencing a broad range of emotions.

At 3 a child may be more attached to one adult at this time.

Teaching Children

At age 3 you should be reading to your child.

3 year olds should be asked to do small, easy chores.

Ask and answer any questions they may have.

Let them do some things on their own. (with supervision)

Praise them when they do something well and discipline them correctly if they break rules.

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