The culture of sportsville

the country of sports

  Sportsville was founded in 1917 by a man who liked to play all sports, Drew Brees. Brees was a former NFL player.  He was the quarterback for the New Orleans Saints. He thought that it would be a good idea if there was a city for people who liked sports, and they would play sports 24\7. When he founded this country, he traveled all over the world spreading the word that there was a country for people who had a passion for sports. Because of his travels, the country's population grew into the millions in the five years since it was founded.

    Sportsville believes in one God, the God that brought all sports to the world, Sean Payton. They believe in this because their ancestors knew that sports were made by Sean Payton, who was a genius, and brought sports to Sportsville. Every time there's a game, everybody wherever you were, you had to say prayers out loud to worship the God that gave all of these fun sports to them.

  The education system  is really good in this country. There's a specific school for each sport. Whatever sport you want to do, you go to the school for that particular sport. Everybody is allowed to get some education, from the ages 4-25. There is no cost for schooling, everything is 100% free.

  This country is protected pretty good because every single guy or girl that played a violent sport can go into the army. With all the sports training and military training, this country is well protected. The citizens feel safe here. There is nothing to be scared about. When the citizens are in trouble they can call the number 929, that's the number of emergency services.

This video is not just for football, it is for every sports that exists in this country.


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