U.S. Rise to World Power Timeline
By: Joel Calzada

April 1898- Spanish-American War
The Spanish-American war was the start of the U.S to rise to World power. It was a war between Spain and the United States and it began as an intervention by the U.S. in behalf of Cuba.

1898- Battleship Maine is destroyed in Havana Harbor, killing 260 Americans.

1898- Battle of Manila Bay
On May 1, admiral Dewey attacks Spanish holdings in the Philippines, Spanish looses 381 sailors and its ships,  nothing happens to U.S.

1898 June 10- Battle of Guantanamo Bay
American Marines begin the invasion of Cuba, they invade Santiago on June 20.

1898- Hawaii  Annexation
United States annexes Hawaii,and it helps the United States economically wise.

1898 August-December- End of Spanish-American War
The treaty of Paris officially ends war in December, Spain cedes to give the U.S. the Philippines, Guam, and Puerto Rico.

1899- Open door policy
John Hay asks china for the open door policy so all nations receive equal treatment from them.

1901- President Mckinley killed.
President Mckinley is shot and killed by Anarchist Czolgoz.

1913- Woodrow Wilson is elected president
the first democratic president since Grover Cleveland.

1915- German Proclamation
Germany would sink any ship that entered the waters around the British Isles, since they were considered an official war zone.

May 7 1915- Sinking of the Lusitania
Germany sinks Lusitania, 128 Americans die and it encourages the U.S to  enter WW1.

April 24, 1916- Sussex Pledge
Germany promises to limit their submarine welfare and that they would stop sinking non-military ships or ships without any reasons.

Feb 3, 1917- Failure of Diplomacy
Failure of Germany forming an alliance with Mexico.

Feb 24, 1917 Zimmerman telegram
Germany's proposal to form an alliance in case U.S entered the war against them, the telegram was intercepted by British intelligence and Woodrow Wilson quickly reacted going to war against Germany.

April 6, 1917- U.S. enters WW1
U.S. enters WW1 they felt it was necessary sooner or later.

May 18, 1917- Selective service act
It authorized the president to increase the military establishment by selecting men over 21 to go to war.

June 15, 1917- Espionage act
The U.S would punish anybody who would spy on them.

January 1918- Wilson's 14 points
Became the basis for a peace program, encouraged to establish a League of nations.

June 1919- Treaty of Versailles
Officially ends WW1, Germany is asked to admit guilt and pay for reparations, league of Nations is established to help keep peace.

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