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Soldier Pile Retaining Walls

The best drilling companies will be able to tell you about these systems and help you decide which type of support your construction project needs, whether you are digging for internal support for piers or any other types of construction.

An excavation support system is one of the most widely used engineering innovations and solutions, designed to strengthen and stabilize excavations. There are many different types of support systems used for deep excavations. Soldier pile retaining walls along with lagging walls are among the oldest forms of retaining systems commonly used in deep excavations. They have been around since the 18th century, and are common in city constructions and applications, particularly in places like London, Berlin, and New York. This method of constructing retaining walls is also known as the Berlin Wall system, where steel pipes are used for support. Alternatively, other materials such as concrete piles, circular pipes, and caissons can also be used for a soldier pile support, although they are much more expensive than standard steel pipes. Timber lagging is also used for more temporary applications, but steel pipes remain the top choice for permanent conditions.

Soldier pile walls are created by constructing the piles at regular 6 to 12 ft intervals, excavating in small stages, installing lagging, backfilling, and then compacting the void spaces. This kind of retaining system is among the most inexpensive means to construct excavation support. Additionally, they are very easy and quick to construct, which makes them a top choice for projects within strict timelines. Not only is soldier pile construction cheaper, installation is also versatile and it is easier to make adjustments as they are designed for accommodation changes quite easily. Moreover, construction does not require advanced techniques, nor does it require overly advanced equipment.

For your excavation support requirements, work with reliable drilling companies that offers all types of drilling-related construction, including excavation support systems, landslide stabilization, soldier pile retaining walls, shotcrete retaining walls, dewatering well systems, secant walls, soil nail walls, underpinning / deep foundations, elevator jackshafts, transmission line foundations, caissons, and pole structures. You want to work with experts that can handle even difficult-access situations. They should have the experience, skills, and equipment to meet your needs. You should also work with a company that is true to its word when it comes to pricing. They should be committed to finishing your project for the price agreed on in the proposal.

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DMI Drilling Construction is one of the leading drilling companies in Washington State. They are responsible, well-qualified, and experienced in all methods of drilling construction. They are interested in all forms of drilling related construction, including excavation support systems, retaining walls, soil nails walls, secant walls, elevator jackshafts and more.