8 Awesome Tips to Make Baby Bottle-feeding Quicker and Easier

Whatever the reason is, you need to introduce a bottle to your little one at one or another point of motherhood. However, shifting a baby from breastfeeding to a bottle isn’t that easy. Due to a sudden change in the schedule, the baby may refuse the bottle or can even go on a nursing strike. To help you avoid all such feeding problems, here are some useful bottle-feeding tips to make your life easier!

1:- Create the Same Atmosphere:

As babies neither like changes nor get used to any change very soon, it’s suggested to keep everything same as when you were breastfeeding. Before you feed your little one, try to warm up the bottle nipple to the body temperature. This will help your child get the same feel as breastfeeding.

2:- Choose the Right Nipple:

According to Doctors, the best feeding bottle is the one that has the correct hole in it and replicates a breast nipple very closely. While you’re buying a feeding bottle, make sure the nipple hole is neither too small nor too big. Otherwise, it can make it difficult for your little one to consume the milk.

3:- Read Your Baby’s Hunger Cues:

One of the most effective things you can do to make bottle-feeding quicker and easier is to know when your little one wants to feed. As soon as you realize your baby is hungry, start feeding him immediately. Also, never ever compel your child to finish off the last bit of milk.

4:- Use a Breastfeeding Pillow:

Getting your baby in the right feeding position is the first step to effective and successful bottle feeding. To keep your baby in the right and comfortable feeding position, you can take advantage of a nursing pillow - a special kind of pillow designed to provide support baby’s head during long feeding sessions.

5:- Burp Half Way:

Babies swallow too much air when drinking from a bottle. To get rid of the air swallowed, make it a habit to burp your baby every three to five minutes during a feeding session. Moreover, try to keep your newborn’s head higher than his belly during feeding to avoid the risk of air swallowing.

6:- Switch Arms:

When breastfeeding your little one, you need to switch sides between feedings. Do the same thing when feeding your baby with the bottle! Switching sides during bottle feeding not only gives your child the same feel as breastfeeding but also proves beneficial for your baby’s neck and vision.

7:- Watch for Allergies:

Bottle feeding can sometimes make your baby prone to allergies, especially if you've breastfed before. If that is the case, consider trying a different formula. If symptoms go away after switching to a new formula, you can either continue with the new formula or slowly re-introduce the previous formula.

8:- Keep the Bottle Safe:

Make it a habit to thoroughly sterilize all bottles, nipples and feeding supplies before and after each use. Wash them in the hot soapy water and then, either place them in a sterilizer or boil them in a covered pan for at least ten minutes. Moreover, you can use a feeding bottle cover to keep your bottles hygienic when not in use.

This blog post originally appeared on idleexperts.com. Reprinted with Writer permission @ Nishant Gupta.