8 Valuable Tips to Have a Great Maternity Photo Shoot

Gone are the days when pregnancy was considered the worst time for taking photos of a woman. Nowadays, taking selfies and pictures through Smartphone has become a fashion. Many women, however, prefer to have a professional maternity photo shoot in order to preserve the memories of their journey to motherhood. If you’re the one who is planning to go for a maternity photo shoot, keep these valuable tips in mind to make the most of your maternity photo session as well as achieve stunning maternity photographs.

Pick the Best Time:

The most favorable and optimal time for a great maternity photo-shoot is when you enter the third trimester of your pregnancy. This is the time when your growing belly looks big and beautiful due to its lovely round shape. Also, your pregnancy glow and energy levels are at their best during this time because you’re free from pregnancy problems like nausea and fatigue. If you don’t get your maternity photo shoot done between 30 and 36 weeks of your pregnancy, then it’s better to forget it as you’ll look too bloated and feel uncomfortable during the entire photography session.

Find the Right Maternity Photographer:

The most important element of a perfect maternity photo shoot is the photographer whom you will be capturing your most special maternity moments with. Find a professional maternity photographer whose style you love, whom you feel comfortable with and whom you can trust. Think if you’re not comfortable with the person who is manning the camera, then how can you look calm and confident in front of the camera? Hence, spend some time getting well-familiar with your photographer so that you'll not get nervous or distracted while facing the camera.

Select a Convenient Location:

The location of your maternity photo shoot plays a vital role in determining how the final look of photographs will come up. Whether you’re choosing a home, studio or outdoor, make sure the location of your photo shoot is as comfortable and meaningful as possible. As long as the weather permits and you feel comfortable, outdoors with lots of greenery and light are great for a lovely, natural maternity photo shoot. But if you have some intimate poses in mind or are planning for a creative photo shoot, then a studio or home would be perfect for you.

Select the Perfect Outfit:

What should I wear? This is one of most common questions that every expectant woman asks their photographer before her photo session. The best answer to this question is wear something comfortable that either accentuates the curves of your bump or exposes them. You can opt to wear a fashionable maternity tunic paired with comfortable maternity jeans, a tight and form-fitting maxi dress or gown, or a sexy shirt unbuttoned at the bottom. If you want to wear something traditional, then a stylish maternity kurta or kurti paired with a lightweight maternity legging or jegging will make you feel great during the photo session.

Professional Makeup and Hair:

A maternity photo session is not just about getting a few portraits captured by a photographer; it is also about pampering yourself with the manicure, pedicure, hair blowout, waxing and even professional makeup. Not only will this make your photographer’s work a much easier, but also you will look fabulous and feel confident at your photography session. If you get your hair and makeup done professionally, you won’t have to worry or feel self-conscious about your appearance as soon as the camera turns on.

Don't Fret The Accessories:

While most of the women and photographers prefer not to include accessories in maternity session, you can take advantage of your favorite accessories to spice up your look. This can be anything like a necklace, scarf, bracelet, watch or a pair of fun shoes. If applied with moderation, accessories can prove to be beneficial for adding extra focal point and interest to your photographs. However, since the main focus of your photos is your growing belly, you’re advised to keep accessories to a minimal.

Involve the Family:

Although you’re the undisputed star of your show, consider bringing your family members (your husband and older children) to your maternity photo shoot since they all are an important part of your life. Even, you can ask your photographer to capture a few shots with your family pet if you have one. Take some romantic couple shots with your partner and also let your older children show their love for the unborn baby in pictures. Making others a part of your photo session, you help your photographer portray your little one’s eminent arrival the better way.

Use Props:

To further enhance the elegance of your maternity photo shoot, you can make use of props such as your baby’s first ultrasound photo, cute baby shoes, flying balloons, or some of your favorite parenting books. Maybe it is not necessary, but it is definitely a great way to personalize your photos. If you’re very confused about the use of props, discuss with your photographer. He/She will guide you to choose the best props according to the location. It’s perfectly fine if you don’t have anything in mind too!