Childhood today vs. 19th Century

Childhood in the 19th century

During the nineteenth century, children acquire an image of fragile beings, helpless, quite often charming, in need of special protection which they did not have.

Abusing children for the sole benefit of adults, had been common practice, which should not even disguised, because it was unlimited tolerance.

Childhood has been viewed in different ways throughout history. There was a time that saw the child as "small adult", whose childhood was not known. They had to work to live and, of course, most of them die before adulthood.

Childhood in the present century

In the present century most children live with their parents and have an education and healthy lives, and then have a future full of opportunities for work and have a family.

Although there are still children without families who live on the streets and make a living working with a future with many difficulties

Comparison between children of the 19th century and the current.

I think in the 19th century children were very dependent on the social situation as most had to work and earn a life working in a difficult environment with bad people who took advantage of them for own benefit.

During the 20th century and the present, the concept of family has changed for the better, now parents are aware about the health and future of their children and accompany them for not falling into the vices and crimes committed. although there will always be people who do not care about the lives of others and take advantage of the situation of these children.

  • Teacher: Paola Lardone.
  • Members: Martin Pagella, Francisco Fiorentino.

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