Strings Attached

By Cassie Tillia

Character Analysis

Kit changes a great deal throughout Strings Attached. The author shows this in the contrast between the beginning and end of the book.  In the beginning Kit thought she could finally get out of all the bad situations that happened to her family by making her own life and choices. . She also saw the good in people and trusted them. When she went to New York City she was broke and didn't have a place to work, then her boyfriend's father, Nate Benedict, came to give her an offer. She ended up taking the apartment, job, and clothes he offered hoping that it was out of kindness and for his son, and she also saw it as good luck. In the end of the book she found out all of the lies and secrets behind Nate's family and her own. She realized you can not decide what will happen in your life all of the time when she says, "There were accidents in life, collisions, damage, and some happened through no fault of your own and some happened because you invited them" (Blundell 309). Obviously, Kit changes from the time the book begins to the time it ends.

Thematic Analysis

I feel like the author is trying to show the theme of perseverance after loss. In Strings Attached, Kit has to over come loss to move on and live her life. Her mother dies when she is born, so she has to deal with living with her less than qualified father. When her brother and boyfriend leave for the military she decides to leave for New York City to restart her life. She tries to reach her goal of being on Broadway.  At the end of the book she finally gets to be on Broadway, but then her boyfriend and Aunt die under terrible circumstances. Once again she finds the strength to start again, and she goes back to New York City to finish her dream of being on Broadway. When she gets back to New York City she says, "I was a girl crying in the middle of a crowd, and nobody noticed. I would dry my own tears. I opened my eyes and kept on walking" (Blundell 309). All in all, I think a significant theme the author was trying to show was persevering after loss.

Setting Analysis

The setting of Strings Attached impacts the story in several ways. Most of the time the main character, Kit, is in New York City in 1950. This lets her hide from her family whenever she runs away. She knows no one will be able to find her with so many people in the city. Another way it affects the story is she has very little money when she runs away, and it just so happens New York City is an expensive place to live in. "I hadn't expected it to be easy to come to New York, but I hadn't expected it to be so hard, either"(Blundell 13). Her family "friend" and boyfriend's father finds her and offers a home, job, and clothes knowing she can not resist. " He knew I couldn't turn this down. He knew I'd be crazy to say no" (Blundell 31). Without a doubt, the setting is one of the things that effects the story.