Exploration Proposal

By: Zachie Nessar

To King Henry VII

King Henry VIII

Dear Henry VIII,

I have a very reasonable offer for you. If you were as kind to fund my trip to the land of the Americas. I can bring back many resources and valuables. I have a very short route to my destination and I was born and raised in England. We will be leaving in 1512. I would appreciate if you accepted this offer.

Gold and Silver

If you accept this offer, I will bring back gold. In the area we will travel to, there will be an abundance of gold, and many other natural resources.

Land Route

This is the land route we will be taking. It is quite straight and a short distance to get to our destination. When we hit land we will then go by foot to our next destination, which is present-day California. Like I said before, we will be leaving in the year of 1512.

There are many other countries near us that are sending explorerers to travel to the Americas as well. If you send me first, I can claim the land and get you the resources before the rest of the others.

There will be many obstacles we expect to encounter, but we're prepared. We have trained soldiers, a couple doctors, and several carpenters. We will try to make peace with the natives, but we will defend ourselves if necessary if, though we do have trained soldiers if we have to engage in battle. Our doctors are trained to treat illness, and will make sure that it will not spread. Our carpenters will build us solid homes that can protect us from storms, and natural disasters.

After hitting the continent of North America, we will travel by foot to what is present-day California. Once we hit that area all the gold, silver, natural resources, and unexplored land will be at our hands. I just know for certain that there will be all those resources there. I guarantee all those things if you fund my trip.

Zachie Nessar

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3 years ago

nice tack.