Cousins ❤️

Pasaway man kami sa inyong paningin, tiyak pag tulog kami'y mabait din.

Meet my cousins! :)) when we are still kids, we're not that really close to each other. We really have strong attachment to each other. It started when we had our family outing in the beach. After a long period of time, we are reunited again. That time we became closer than before. Every summer I would stay in the province and have my vacation. Meet my cousins beside me, Rajan, then beside him, my cousin Jinkee then Rohan then Kuya Jeremy and last but not the least, Cath. :))) when I'm in the province I felt like I'm so free hahaha. I remembered one time we had our joy ride in the evening then we came back home at 2am in the morning. Our gate was already closed. XD then we got nervous and entered the house and go upstairs like a ninja. HAHAHA The next morning, each one of us is scolded by our titos. Hahahahaha. Then Jinkee, she cried because her mom and dad scolded at her. Haha We really enjoyed being together. When we are together, we feel like young, wild, and free. :)))) We don't think any of our problems just enjoy the time of being together. When we are in Bulacan, our titos and titas said that our village their we're always noisy. Hahahaha unlike when we are not there, the village were so boring and quiet. But when we are there it's like there's always a party in our house or outside of our house. Actually it's a compound of Paguio family. Our family :)))