The Women Of the Holocaust

by: Angel Swinson

Interesting Facts about the Holocaust & Summary about my Topic

Women of the Holocaust were put into separate concentration camps and were abused. The women of the holocaust that were non-Jewish were vulnerable. As for the rest of the women they were murdered. in the ghetto's women were attacked and were forced into labor under unsafe conditions. They also had to be experimented into lab .- Pregnant women were attacked and killed, Women were taken into camps with their children, women were raped, women created political conditions, women had to live off of eating soup and nothing to drink, women had to deal with their own wombs, women faced other problems like not being able to clean their selves. Others usually  went on with their lives and suffered. Pregnant Jewish women often tried to conceal their pregnancies or were forced to submit to abortions. Females deported from Poland and the Soviet Union for forced labor in the Reich were often beaten or raped, or forced to submit to sexual relations for food or other necessities or basic comforts. Pregnancy sometimes resulted for Polish, Soviet, or Yugoslav forced laborers from sexual relations with German men. If so-called "race experts" determined that the child was not capable ," the women were generally forced to have abortions,Some women were leaders or members of ghetto resistance organizations. Among them was  in Others engaged in resistance inside the concentration camps. In Auschwitz I, five Jewish women deployed at the Vistula-Union-Metal Works detachment—Ala  Regina (aka ), Ester , and one unidentified woman, possibly l—had supplied the gunpowder that members of the Jewish  and kill several SS men during the uprising in October 1944. That meant politicians, the homeless, prostitutes and opera singers. Those found guilty of minor theft, petty crime or alcoholism were taken to Ravensbrück, as well as anyone who was thought to go against the German ideals of womanhood.

October 5, 1942- The women were forced into the concentration camps because of the Nazi's

October 5, 1942- The women had horrible things happened to them like the Nazi's shaved their head

October 14, 1942- The women had to be experimented at labs

October 22, 1942- The women of the holocaust decided that they wanted to to something about it

October 25, 1942- The women of the Holocaust came up with the idea of making a political conditions

Who were the five people involved in the women of the Holocaust

Anne Frank- Anne frank was involved in the Holocaust because her family was found by the Nazi's.

Edith Frank- Was the mother of Anne Frank and she was also found by the Nazi's and had to go in hiding.

Margot Frank- She was the daughter of Edith Frank but she was found by the Nazi's way before her family was and she had to leave before them because if she didn't she would be sent to a concentration camp.

Lia Borak- Was taken from her family at the age of 6 and also was sent to a concentration camp, later the Nazi's killed her

Eva Be em- Her family went into hiding and later when they were in hiding the Nazi's found them and her parents had to give her up to the Nazi's.

What hero is associated with My Topic?

The hero in my topic is named Rivka Yosseleviska. She was involved in the holocaust because her family was found by the Nazi's. Rivka was about 12 years old when she was found. When she was found she had been sent to a concentration camp far away from her home. When she was there she had found a way to help people escape from the camp. She had helped some women escape but the others she couldn't because she got caught doing it. So after all her success she later died of starvation.

Why is my Topic so important?

My topic is important because it makes you learn different things about the women who were hurt and abused through the Holocaust. Also my topic is important because you can see the events that happened later in that time. My topic is important because it helps you experience the different thing that they went through. What I mean by experience is that you can look back to those times where the women didn't have any choice but to go to those concentration camps. The last reason why my topic is important is because you can learn about why the Nazi's would take the Jews.

The different wed Addresses I used

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