Chinese Dynasties

Sui, Tang, and Song Dynasties

The Sui, Tang, and Song Dynasties are all in China. These dynasties have great cultural achievements.

Sui Dynasty

The Sui Dynasty ended the Period of Disunion in China. One famous ruler from that time was Empress Wu, who took over for her son. She was a strict ruler, but was a respected ruler.  The most known achievement of the Sui Dynasty was the Grand Canal . The Grand Canal was an 1,000- mile long waterway that linked northern and southern China.

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One of their greatest achievements was the grand canal, which is shown in the picture above.

Tang Dynasty

The Tang Dynasty had many great achievements. Because of trade, they had a lot of cultural diffusion. That was beneficial for them because they got to obtain things from other cultures, as well as spreading their own.  Their largest religion there was Buddhism. This was their main religion, until one tang emperor felt threatened by the religion, and seized it. Two major rulers from there were Taizong and Wu Zhao. Like the Sui, they had a centralized government.  To learn more about the Tang Dynasty, click the button below.

The picture above is woodblock printing. This is just one of many achievements the Tang Dynasty had. They also made paper money more popular, made porcelain to protect their art, and made improvements with gun powder and magnetic compass.

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Song Dynasty

The Song Dynasty had a lot of great achievements in China. They restored the centralized government. They made the bureaucracy larger. They gave exams to their government officials to make sure talented people were running their government. Neo-Confucianism became popular.

This is an example of a movable type. The Chinese made large improvements on printing. The Song Dynasty used to movable type to make printing much faster.  To learn more about the Song Dynasty, click the button below.

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