How You Effectively Communicate With Others

L3 ICT, Unit One

General Communication Skills,

These are skills used when communicating with others, Communicating doesn't always involve verbal communication. Communication can also be non verbal, examples of non verbal communication are body language,eye contact, posture and also the gestures that the person uses when talking. Another way of communicating is through written communication and this is normally through email or through letters. The most popular type and most well known type of communication is verbal communication. This is the type of communication that is used on a day to day basis. Verbal communication can be change to adapt to the situation. For example if you are speaking to a big crowd you will have to change the tone and volume of your voice. This will make your verbal communication more accurate to the audience that is listening.

Verbal Communication will be used all the time in and office job. For example staff will be speaking to lots of different customers each day. Verbal communication allows information to be discovered and also allows work to be completed for staff. Without verbal communication it would be very difficult to be able to complete work as quick as it would be with it. Verbal communication is the most used communication today.

Written Communication will also be used a lot in an office job, It will be used for example by staff and customers that are completing forms. It will also be used by staff to contact suppliers in order to order new supplies. Written communication in my opinion would be the second most used communication as most people are contacting others by social networking sites and over text. Written communication has been developed and been used a lot more in the last 10 years due to the invention of new technology.

Non Verbal Communication is one of the communication skills that is used without the person even knowing. It will be used in an office job by the reactions given by customers and staff. Non verbal communication often shows peoples opinions without the person knowing that they are reacting in that way. It is one of the communication skills that are rarely talked about as it just comes naturally to a conversation. Examples of non vernal communication are facial expressions, body language and posture. If a person is slumped in a chair it shows how they are feeling about the conversation that is going on around them. When a person is siting in an upright position it shows that they are interested in the conversation.

Interpersonal skills are skills that are used everyday to communicate with others. Some examples of these skills are signing, lip reading, body language and active engagement such as nodding and decision making. These skills are often used in lots of conversations without the person speaking even knowing that they are using them. In an office work scenario body language, nodding and lip reading is often used. Body language is important because it shows how the speaker is feeling about the situation that they are in and therefore other employees will know exactly how they are feeling. Nodding is also a good example of interpersonal communication and it will be used a lot in office jobs as workers don't always have time to have a full conversation with each other so nodding would be effective so that workers know exactly what they have to do and it also saves time. Lip reading is also another good interpersonal communication skill and would be used in an office job. It is very similar to nodding as it would save time for workers and it would also mean that they would not need to move from there seat in order to get information it can be done by the use of lip reading.

Communication in Writing is the use of emails, letters, fax etc. These are used on a day to day to get information across to certain people. Communication is writing has become more popular in the last few years as it is very easy to do and quicker then waiting to speak to someone in person. Communication is writing would be one of the main communication skills used in an office work scenario as workers would be emailing and writing letters to customers and suppliers for example. This is very effective for a business because it allows the business to get things done quickly and effectively. It could also be the reason that the business does so well because customers that are not able to communicate with the company directly they can email or write them a letter. Without emails, letters or fax it would be harder for business and things would be done a lot slower and therefore the business can not be as successful because they would not be moving at a quick enough pace.

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