Lucas Jack Meredith

Week 11

Hi All

Wow where does the time go, another week has passed?

Lucas has had a very good report from the clinic this week.

LJ has put on 500g and is 3 cm longer since his laste measure 2 weeks ago.

Two big milestones occurred for Lucas this week.

Lucas has 'graduated' from his bassinet to his cot. Lucas still sleeps overnight in the bassinet in our room, but during the day he is sleeping in the cot. Lucas would wake himself up by knocking the sides of his bassinet with his feet, legs or head so we thought we had better transition Lucas while we still had a couple of weeks of hire left on the bassinet.

The other big news is Lucas can drink from a bottle.

A couple of false starts earlier in the week, but now Lucas is able to drink expressed breast milk easily from the bottles. It is amazing to see 100mls disappear from the bottle. While he is breast feeding we have no real idea of the volume of milk he is taking, but now we know how much he needs to fill him up....1 bottle and top up from the boob....self sufficiency, it's a  work in progress.

LJ is still a happy little boy who enjoys playing on his mat, showers, baths, socks, ABC grandstand, his fish tank and the green elephant that squeaks.

To escape Sydney's heat wave we took a family trip to Coledale, near Wollongong, yesterday and Lucas had his first drink in an RSL.

Other news:

We are geting ready for Christmas - Mexican and apple cider brewed and bottled and Dan has organised a menu that we can cook in the days leading up to Christmas so we have more time to celebrate on the day.

Movember: thanks to all who donated to my mo...which is gone now. Our team of 8 raised just over $4000. We are all really impressed by peoples generosity. We had a morning tea at work with cupcakes with moustaches on them. Click on the photo above to see the Mo team.

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Cheers for now

G,D & LJ

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