Dominant, phenotype, Recessive

& Genotype Traits

Dominant traits:

  1. The first allele is dominant and the second allele isrecessive. For genes on an autosome (any chromosome other than a sex chromosome), the alleles and their associated traits are autosomal dominant or autosomalrecessive. Dominance is a key concept in Mendelian inheritance and classical genetics.

Phenotype traits:

  1. A phenotypic trait is an obvious and observable trait; it is the expression of genes in an observable way. An example of a phenotypic trait is hair color, there are underlying genes that control the hair color, which make up the genotype, but the actual hair color, the part we see, is the phenotype.

Recessive Trait:

  1. Recessive traits can be carried in a person's genes without appearing in that person. For example, a dark-haired person may have one gene for dark hair, which is a dominant trait, and one gene for light hair, which is recessive.

Genotype trait:

  1. Genotype is what makes the trait - the information within a gene, or the genetic makeup of a specific organism. Genotype is determined by the makeup of something called "alleles," a word that refers to the form of a gene that produces different effects.

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