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Work, Exchange & Technology


Explain how changes in transportation, technology, and globalization influenced U.S society from 1997-2015.

THESIS: Economics, Politics, Culture and Americas role in the world from 1997-2015 contributed to maintaining continuity and foster of change in the united states because all of these factors have played into changing laws, presenting new ideals, and presenting new changes and trends into the society. The World Trade attack has been a very big part of the history of fighting off terrorism and Pop culture has played a very big role into the society. Economics has changed the regulation and the way we receive jobs, pays.

Document A:

Source: Gina Kolata, February 23, 1997,



The group, led by Dr. Ian Wilmut, a 52-year-old embryologist at the Roslin Institute in Edinburgh, created a lamb using DNA from an adult sheep. The achievement shocked leading researchers who had said it could not be done. The researchers had assumed that the DNA of adult cells would not act like the DNA formed when a sperm's genes first mingle with those of an egg.

Historical Context: The primary source document represents the advancement of technology and research into science. Dolly was named after the mammals cell that was cloned. this result from cloning and use of technology influenced the U.S and the globe into funding more money into science and technology and learn more about cloning.

Intended Audience: The intended audience of this newspaper article was the whole world and the point was to give out information about the possibilities of cloning. The whole world was surprised by the results of the experiment and it has became a huge advantage into the research in cloning.

Work, Exchange & Technology

This article from the newspaper, New York Times, is significant to work, exchange & technology because it shows the advancement of technology during the time and how it has influenced U.S to go more in depth into the science of cloning. The article states "Dr. Neal First, a professor of reproductive biology and animal biotechnology at the University of Wisconsin, who has been trying to clone cattle, said the ability to clone dairy cattle could have a bigger impact on the industry than the introduction of artificial insemination in the 1950's, a procedure that revolutionized dairy farming. Cloning could be used to make multiple copies of animals that are especially good at producing meat or milk or wool."

Document B:

Source: Windows, 1998

"1998–2000: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows Me—Windows evolves for work and play" /image / technology / 1998

Historical Context: 1998, The windows 98 operating system for computers has been released to the public and its the very first version of windows designed specially for the consumers. This operating system is then used for work, home, and cafes.

Purpose: The rise of technology is rising and from 90's to 2000's technology has been evolving since then. The purpose of the release of windows 98 is to introduce a new way to use computers and allow the consumers to get into networking/online.

Work, Exchange & Technology

This image from Microsoft, is significant to work, exchange & technology because it shows the advancement of technology and how it has affected the american community throughout the years of 1998-2000's. The involvement of people into online networking has changed and the introduction of operating systems into the public has allowed more people to get involve into online networking and it has developed a new way to communicate.

America in the World


          Explain how US military and economic involvement in the developing                 world and issues such as terrorism and economic globalization have                               changed U.S. foreign policy goals from 1997-2015

Document A:

Source: September 11,2001 attack on the world trade center.

Historical Context: The primary source document represents the changes of security and viewpoint of many people toward terrorism. During September 11, 2001. thousands of people were shocked as two hijacked planes crash into the world trade center. Many people have been injured and 2,997 people have died from this attack.

Intended Audience: The intended audience was everyone and it had affected millions of people worldwide. The act of terrorism toward the United States have changed the values of security and this act of attack has encouraged the american government to take action and stop terrorism from happening again.

America in the World:

This video is significant to America in the World because it has been a very big act of terrorism towards the United States itself. The act of terrorism toward the country has encouraged it to improve its security and help other countries fight off terrorism. The attack has resulted The War against Afghanistan and it has been a long battle between the two countries as the country stops the terrorist groups known as Al-Qaeda.

Document B:

Source: Christopher Lawrence, February 7,2003

"America's Modern Wars, Understanding Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam" / book / war/ 2003"

Americas Modern Wars, Understanding Iraq, Afhhnistan and Vietnam

While the past half-century has seen no diminution in the valor and fighting skill of the U.S. military and its allies, the fact remains that our wars have become more protracted, with decisive results more elusive.

Historical Context: The primary source document represent the conflict of america and other countries that has been speculated to be involved during the attack on the world trade center during September 11, 2001. The strategic results of the attack on the american land resulted into a war between several countries that has contained terrorist activities and groups known as AL Qaeda.

Intended Audience: The intended audience of this book was everyone, The main audience was everyone because the book states the historical data of how america has fought against other countries and used its army to defense its homeland. It develops a role in how america fights insurgencies and provide help for other countries.

America in the World:

This book is significant to america in the world because it plays a major role in military organization and the american government itself. Terrorism has been a huge conflict against the united states of america and there has to be job done. By sending american troops to other countries to fight off terrorism and prevent attacks to happen, this has resulted into an increase of security for the united states and it america has been known as the homeland of freedom and there is nothing that we are afraid of fighting.

Politics & Power


           Analyze how arguments over the meaning and interpretation of the                            constitution have affected U.S politics since 1787

Document A:

Source: George W. Bush, February 4, 2005

"Presidential Conversation on Social Security"/ Speeches/ Politics&Power/ 2005

Presidential Conversation on Social Security

"When the Social Security system was designed, the average life expectancy was about 60 years old and benefits were at a certain level, and the number of payers into the system were significantly greater than they are today. As a matter of fact, in 1950, some 14 years after the system was designed, there were 16 payers into the system for every beneficiary, as that chart says. And that's important, because the more beneficiaries there are paying into the system, the more likely it is a beneficiary is going to get paid."

Historical Context: The primary source document represents the conflict between the new society and the old social security system. George bush argues about how people are living longer and there are far less people putting money into the system and this causes an instability on the government. In conclusion, George Bush is stating that we are living longer and the population of the country is increasing, As the population increase, the government has to pay for all the promises it has taken and in the future it can be a big problem to have too many people in the promise.

Purpose: The purpose of the presidential conversation on social security was to argue about the problems the government could face in the future with its social security system. The argument of bush was that in the future there will be far more retired people and there will be less payers that contribute into the system. In conclusion, bush wants to pass a change into the social security system because he believes its going to fail in the future.

Politics & Power:

This speech is significant to Politics & Power because during the presidential conversation on social security, bush has provided one specific conflict that can change the government policies and its foreign policy to the people. Social Security is an important factor for millions of Americans and this has been used as a financial support for retired people. Bush argues that in the future, the social security will not be stable and it cannot provide all of its benefits to its people because we are increasing in population and there is a decline in people contributing into the system.

Document B:

Source: theguardian, August 31, 2010

"Barack Obama ends the war in Iraq. 'Now it's time to turn the page'/ Oral History/ Politics & Power/ 2010

Barack Obama ends the war in Iraq. 'Now it's time to turn the page

Barack Obama formally brought an end to US combat operations in Iraq last night, seven years and 165 days after the invasion began, and declared it was time for America "to turn the page".

Historical Context: Barack Obama sends a message to end the conflict and bring its american soldiers back home. From the long term conflict between the countries. President Obama has finally ended the very long war and send its troops home and let the country live in peace.

Point Of View: My point of view in this event was truly because we are finally developing an end a huge change in conflicts against other countries. The result of sending back troops home is just the first step to change the plans of helping other countries and stopping powerful terrorist and defend our homeland. Obama has finally setup a great way to end the conflict of Americans going into other countries to fight.

Politics & Power:

This document represents politics and power because it involves the government itself and the president itself making a speech about the military conflict between the two countries. This has contributed into american ideals abroad because this has been a very long term conflict between the two countries, by stating an end of sending troops to iraq is a very huge change for the people and for the government itself.



               Explain the impact of popular culture on American politics and                                                             society from 1997-2015

Document A:

Source: Nicekicks, December, 2014

"Teen killed while attempting to rob shopper for legend blue 11's/ Clothing /Culture / 2014


Since word of a shooting at the Dayton Mall hit twitter, on Saturday, we have been following the story gathering details about the incident, but have waited for a formal release of information from the Police. Out of the respect for the family of the teen who was shot, we withheld running the story until the family was notified and that the Police released the information to the public.

Historical Context: Sneakers has been a very big part of pop culture and has affected many americans in some type of way. Hip Hop has presented the value of sneakers. The impact of pop culture/hip hop and the clothing that it has represented played a big role on changes on rule regulation placed in local malls and how people buy items.

Point of View: My point of view in this piece of object is that just like any other item/object it holds some sort of value and people has been affected by it. worn by famous people and other hip hop rappers, pop culture/sneaker culture has been a huge part on the teenage community and it has affected societies from different parts of the country.


This object is significant to pop culture in america because it has played a major role in the society itself and it has affected violence, changes in laws and other things that has played into politics. Sneakers has contributed a lot of things into the society especially the teenage community and due to the violence that it has caused, politics/gov has been involved into changing how sneakers are released to stop violence due to this object.

Document B:

Source: 2015 Music Wards

"Billboard Music Awards/ Music / Culture / 2015"

Historical Context: The billboard music awards has been a culture that has been played every year and society has been affected by the top music and it also plays a role into politics.

Intended Audience: The intended audience of billboard music awards is the people that love pop culture and music, Most americans has been affected by pop culture and it has a brought a huge change every year, from music to other trends.


This music award represents culture / popular culture because it has been a very big part of the culture of music and many americans has payed attention into watching the music awards every year and that is to look up into the changes in music.

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