Provide Access To Clean Water

By:Ginger Blackburn and Kaitlyn Duncan

                               780 Million people in the world still lack clean water.

                                  Unfiltered water kills 2 million people each year.

These deaths are caused mostly by Cholera, Typhoid, and Dysentery.

53% of groundwater is used for agriculture in North Africa and the Middle East, making it hard for water to even be provided to these citizens.

Although tens of thousands of people die each day from water-related diseases, many people are trying to make an effort to create new ways to filter water.

If you were wondering what a papaya is doing in our presentation here is the answer.  There is a new type of water filter that can possibly change the world. The materials for this water filter is simply Kaolinite clay and Carica Papaya Fruit.  This method of water filtration is very inexpensive and easy, therefore it is a solution for people in developing countries.  

Although new methods are being developed these steps are the basis of all water filtration.

Coagulation- Removes dirt and other particles in the water. More chemicals are added to the water to make the particles called "floc." This makes the weight heavier so that all the particles sink to the bottom during sedimentation.

Sedimentation- The heavy particles sink to the bottom and clear water moves onto filtration.

Filtration- Water passes through a series of filters removing any smaller particles in the water.

Disinfection- A small amount of chlorine or other chemical is used to rid the water of harsh microorganism.

Storage- Water is placed in a closed tank later to be distributed to homes and businesses.

Distillation is also a form of water filtration, but it comes with many constraints.

Distillation is the oldest method of water purification. Water is heated to a boil and the water vapor rises and the vapor is condensed and collected. The downfall of distilled water is that it is very expensive. Also large amounts of water and energy is needed to complete the process. Producing distilled water takes a lot of time. It is possible that distilled water is very acidic also therefore it should be stored in glass only. Distilled water is mostly used in industrial processes because it has a flat taste and lacks important minerals and oxygen.

What we want you guys to get out of this presentation is to realize how lucky you really are. Every day water is taken for granted. Just to drink one glass of water is sacred in developing countries. We really don't think about how lucky we are to have water whenever we want it, all we have to do is turn on the faucet. We don't have to walk for miles in search of water. We don't have to be constantly worry about water-related diseases. When you go home look around and be thankful for all the things that you do have.

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