Aceso the great goddess

Aceso was born on July 4th 800B.C. Her mother is Akeso and one of her sisters are Athena.

Aceso is the goddess of curing wounds and illnesses and do is her mother and other siblings.


Aceso's main friends are Aphrodite and Hera.

Her friend Aphrodite is the goddess of love and Hera was the goddess of marriage and they were both similar because they both had to do with love and care.

Allergies and healthy foods

Aceso is allergic to Meats such as pork and beef

Her favorite foods are celery, carrots, Salads, Chicken and fruits.


Aceso chose to swim because we all need water to hydrate and she loves the water it what makes her strong.

movies and shows

Aceso's favorite two movies are Divergent and we bought a zoo because they both show the care for their friends and animals.

Hobbies and (jobs)

Aceso "hobbies" are babysitting and being a nurse.

Vacation spots

Aceso loves the forest she spend most of her time there , the trees ,plants, and grass helps all of us breath and makes her job easier of healing wounds and helping ill people.

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