Touching Spirit Bear Final Project

By Manpreet, Efren, Keyur, Qasim

About the author

Ben Mikaelsen was born on December 8, 1952 in Bolivia. He is a writer of children’s literature. He wasn't sent to school until 4th grade where he was heavily bullied for his race. Some years later, Mikaelsen moved with his family to the United States where he entered the seventh grade. He began writing full-time in 1984, and has won many awards, including the International Reading Association Award and the Western Writers Golden Spur Award. He has also gained many state Readers Choice Awards. He has written many books such as Touching the Spirit Bear, Tree Girl, Petey and Ghost of Spirit Bear. He also had a male American Black Bear. 26 years old Buffy weighed 750 pound.Buffy died on September 1, 2010. Today, Mikaelsen lives outside Bozeman, Montana with his wife. He has been writing books for 26 years.

Location of the Book

The book is located in the the southeast island of hawkins island.


Cole- The protagonist of the story and he is a delinquent that beat up Peter really bad and is learning that what he did to him was wrong. At the end of the story he realized he mistakes and how he could change.

Edwin-Is an elder from Killer Whale clan, who is helping cole in his punishment

Garvey-Is the person who introduced circle justice to Cole and been having his back since the start

Peter-A victim of a vicious attack from Cole Mathews and now is suffering permanent damage in the brain. Something that peter realized was the in what circumstances Cole attacked him and how it affected him too.

Plot Structure

Exposition: A young boy, Cole Mathews is sent to an island because of where he needs to learn the consequences of anger he has built in himself. He sees a spirit bear on the island and interaction with the spirit bear teach him a lot more.

Rising Action: Cole get angry at spirit bear and tell him to move out of his way. The bear doesn't move and he attacks on the bear. Then he gets mauled by the bear and after a short recovery he is sent back to the island.

Climax: Cole become invisible to the things around him and then he finds out that invisibility will free him to see everything clearly.

Falling Action: Peter comes on the island after he tries to commit suicide. He is angry at him but they finally forgive each other.

Resolution: Cole learns how to forgive and his relationship with his family, Peter and specially with himself makes him strong and everything becomes alright.


Character vs Character: IT is about the conflict between 2 characters which are cole and peter and when they learn to forgive each other after what happened.

Character Vs Self: It is about the conflict with Cole and his mental mind and he is trying to get rid of his anger. It is also about how he learns to forgive himself of what he did to peter.

Theme of the Story

Learning to forgive was one of the most important themes and this was represented in the story when he did the dance of angry, and also when edwin and garvey where teaching Cole with their smiles and metaphor

Review of the Book

We would rate this book an 4 because there was a lot of juicy vocabulary that supported the text and also this story had a really deep message that was easy to understand and the storyline was really good our opinion.

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