session 1

In session 1 we explored careers related to drafting were also introduced to a CAD software. We also worked with alphabet of lines. And we assembled a fold up soapbox racer.

session 2

In session 2 we continued working with the alphabet lines. We also explored procedures for dimensioning a drawing. And we used CAD software to dimension drawings and create multiple views of drawing.

session 3

In session 3 we measured dimensions of geometric solids. And we also created, dimensioned and printed multiview drawings of geometric solids using CAD software.

session 4

In session 4 we continued working with the alphabet lines. We learned about cutting plane lines and section lines. And we also used CAD software to create cutaway drawings.

session 5

in session 5 we explored the fundamentals of floor plan design. And we also began creating an architectural drawing of our floor plan.

session 6

In session 6 we added cabinets, plumbing fixtures, and other essential furnishings to our floor plan. And we watched our house from a 3D vision to see everything on the inside.

session 7

In session 7 we took the post test. After that we added lights, switches, and electrical outlets to the house. We made changes to the roof, and made changes to the floor. And finally we printed our floor plan.

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