Video Production

Ginny Atkins

In session one, my partner and I learned first off how to use a camcorder. Then we wrote our own news story and recorded it. We choose to write about the super bowl because it was very recent and an easy topic to remember and talk about on camera.

In session two, we learned how to edit our video of the super bowl news report. we then actually got to edit it. We got to add in a front page graphic then another graphic at the end representing the news station bring you the news story.

In session three, we made a story board of our own public service announcement. we got to choose from many different chooses but we choose something we both thought was very important and that was teen smoking. we tried to add some kind of emotion to the PSA so that it was more effective.

Then is session four we recorded and edited our video. we used to camera and tried to use many different angles. we didn't want it to be boring

In session five we wrote a story board for our commercial. we choose bobs burger barn to write our commercial about.

in session 6 we recorded our commercial and edited it. we got to add graphics to our commercial and advertisement.

in session 7 we took the the post test and made our final production on a burn disk.

video production opens many different careers. You could be a director and decide how everything will be filmed. You could be a writer who writes the scripts for the production. You could be even be the camera man who records everything. all of these careers are associated with video production because all of these jobs come together and make a production. There are many other jobs needed to make a production possible so this job is a very broad selection of things to do in this career field.