AF7 - I am learning to select more appropriate and effective vocabulary

Level 4 - To help you improve your explanations, today you are going to explore the following....

  • I can use appropriate technical language in my writing
  • I can use rhetorical questions and similes in my explanation to engage my reader/viewer.

What is technical language? Why should we use it in an explanation?


Black as words on printed pages.

Sad like tigers locked in cages.

Long as thread unrolled from spools.

Straight like legs on wooden stools.

Quiet as a school at night.

Happy like a bird in flight.

White like dunes of sand on beaches.

Cold as scoops of frozen peas.

Can you tell your partner what a rhetorical question is? Write some examples to share with your group. Can you think of situations in which you might use rhetorical questions? How are they effective?

Now create a paragraph explaining a component of your design - can you up level your writing by including the features above? Write your paragraph in a Google Doc first and then copy and paste onto Padlet.

Can you describe how technical words have helped your writing today?