#SpringBreak #Kettner #Tech42 Madison R.

Hello! My name is Madison! I am athletic, funny, and super talkitive! I love basketball so much! I do track, basketball, and soccer. My favorite color is teal! My hair is brown and my eyes are green.  

This spring break I went to Castlegar Canada for Easter! I went to go see my cousins for Easter. I loved it so much! It was so beautiful! We took hikes and walked to parks!!!! My aunts house was right by the columbia River so we would hike down and fish there. Their were chives everywhere by the river bank so after we caught some fish I picked chives and ran up to the house to cut them up for supper!!

After those 3 days ended I went up to my cabin on Pend Orille River. This picture is go my and my sister Aubrey! We like to ride our 4-wheelers up in the mountains to take beautiful pictures such as this one!

Played some basketball!!

Hung out with one of my best friends Jared!! Love this guy!!

Took a hike at my cabin!

And then the weather got nicer so my dad and his friend cut their jeans for a stroll at my cabin! It was pretty funny!!!

This was my spring break! Hope you had a great one to!

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