Juan Peron (Argentina)
By: Madden Healy

1) Profile of your leader

Juan Peron was born on October 8,1895 in Lobos Argentina. Juan went into military school at the age of sixteen. He also served as an attache to Chile, he travelled to Italy to observe the Fascist state. He stayed in Italy for two years. Juan returned to Argentina in 1941. He joined a group to take over the civilian government. Over the years Juan's power grew and he became a very important and popular president. In 1945 others tried to take down Peron, but it was unsuccessful. In 1946 Juan Peron was elected president of Argentina. During his power he came up with a "Third Way" that was neither communism or capitalism. While Juan was in power there was a massacre called Ezeiza. 365 people were injured and 13 people died. Juan would use secret police to get what he wanted and some people were scared of him, but others worshipped him. In September of 1955 Juan was exiled by military leaders.

2) Audio/Visual/Artistic Element

This video is about when Juan Peron was in power. In this video it is showing how people reacted to Juan Peron. Also it is showing how the police and others are going after people to clear them off the streets. Some people started riots and killing people. The police would start harming everyone in the streets, whipping them, swearing, hitting, and even killing.

3) Creative Piece

When Juan Peron was in power there were many fears that I had to deal with. One fear was leaving my house or even having people over to my house. When he was in power everyone had to watch what they were saying or what they were going to talk about. Juan had police that would watch and listen to watch you were saying and who you were having over your house. When I went out one time to get groceries there was a person in front of me who was saying how they did not like Juan and how they wanted him out of power, a few minutes later there were 4 men on top of him arresting him and beating him for talking bad about Juan. That was the last day I went to the grocery store alone. People would guard the streets to watch people walking. If people did not like Juan they would get a group of others and start riots in the streets. During those riots I did not leave my house because the people out there would be jailed and tortured. Juan ran things his way and if you did not like it then that would not matter. Some people faked that they liked Juan so nothing would happen to them, but secretly they did not want him in power. It was terrible always living in constant fear.

4) Essential Question

If you lived a life of fear would you want to stay alive or just give in to get away?