LDL is Low Density Lipoprotein, LDL is low cholesterol because it can build up in walls of your arteries and form plaque.

Plaque build up reduces blood flow and increases your risk of heart disease. HDL high cholesterol to keep the count low. LDL and HDL are associated with heart disease and disorders because when someone has atherosclerosis it causes high blood pressure.

Patients can go on different diets to help with LDL and HDL. When doctors test your blood they don't only look for HDL and LDL they also look at triglycerides in the blood. The tests are basically showing if someone has high or low blood pressure.

LDL should be 100 or lower and your HDL should be at least 60 but higher is better. The structure between the two are quite the same but LDL is 50% cholesterol and 25% protein and HDL is 20% cholesterol and 50% protein.



Your LDL levels have to do with your diet. Eating saturated, unsaturated and trans fat raises your blood cholesterol higher. LDL is the main source for artery clogging, and HDL is working to remove the plaque from the artery walls.

The results of a cholesterol test are to see if you are at risk for heart disease. Patients should worry if their blood cholesterol level is 240 and above, borderline at 200-239 and normal at 200.

Triglycerides are also being monitored along with your cholesterol. This is monitored for the total amount of fatty substances in the blood.