5 Ways to Be Safe Online
By : Raul Ramirez

Tip 1- Don't Forget That Your Friend's Can See What You Post on You're "Private" Profile

Friend's can still see you embarrassing post, even if you're profile is on private.

Tip 2- Don't Accept a Friend Request From Somebody You Don't Know

Never accept a friend request from a random person because, they could be a creep that wants to harm you.

Tip 3- Don't Post Something You'll Regret Later

Don't post something you'll regret later. If you want a scholarship then you shouldn't post what you did at party the day before.

Tip 4- Cyber Bullying

The classic cyber bullying happens everyday probably has happened to you. The reason this is a tip is because if this happens to you should just screen shot the conversation and show it to your parents.

Tip 5- Don't Post Mean Things Because You Can't Take it Back

Never post something mean, because you can't take it back.

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