European Perspective(Crusades)

The Crusades, Mr.Burruel, 3/24/14

Europeans had many crusades that lasted long a couple years each for the capture of Jerusalem. Various of nobles and peasants  joined the battle to capture Jerusalem and also christians. Jerusalem to others was just a city but to the europeans it was worshipping Jesus because Jesus was crucified in Jerusalem. It was holy to the christians to capture Jerusalem.   

The First Crusade

Europeans wanted to take over Jerusalem because the,"Seljuk Turks invaded the Byzantine empire"(Hallam).  but needed much help from people who were powerful. The emperor of the Byzantine empire urged Pope Urban II to help his empire battle the Turks and capture Jerusalem. Pope Urban II agreed to help and ordered the emperor to ask christian knights and many others to help him fight the Turks. Many german and french bishops and also nobles came into to help. There were various of reasons why so many joined the crusade, and some reasons were because Pope Urban II told those who joined were forgiven of their sins. Others did because they wanted an adventure and others wanted wealth and land. On November 27th, 1095 the first crusade began and the europeans began their journey to Jerusalem. After the crusade ended, the europeans were victorious and took Jerusalem.    

The Effects of the Crusade

After defeating the Turks but also having to fight the egyptians afterwards the christians created five small states in the region of Jerusalem and the leaders of the crusade. Over thousands of citizens and Muslims died who live in Jerusalem and even over 70,000 died in one building. Also many thousands of nobles and christians were killed but the christians were still victorious. Since the christians won the crusade it influenced,"wealth and power of the catholic church, political matters, commerce, feudalism, intellectual development, social effects, material effects, and the effects of the crusades also prompted the famous Voyages of discovery"(Alchin). It was also an important factor to the progress of civilization with an economy that helped them thrive.  

Allies & Enemies

There were enemies to the europeans and allies who were helpful. One ally or friend that helped out the europeans were the romans. The romans and the Byzantine empire were enemies before the first crusade but Pope Urban II urged them to have teamwork and be allies to defeat the Muslims and Turks. Enemies to the europeans were the Muslims who have thought to be vicious for invading their land. Turks were thought as the same. Europeans such as christian knights had joy killing the Turks and Muslims because they knew that they were forgiven of their sins of what they were doing or because they had fun having an adventure.  

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