Plate tectonics

Alfred Wegener was a scientist who proposed the continental drift theory in the early twentieth century.

Convergent: Characterized by convergence, to come together.

Divergent: Pertaining or causing divergence.

Transform Boundary:  Is where two of the floats - two tectonic plates - side alongside each other.

*The plate of Juan of de fuca.

The convergent plates affect the cascades by the plates impact each other and then the land starts to make a rugged mountain range.

Its the transfer of heat affects the plates when moving.

Rift zone: Narrow structural depressions between parallel faults.

Subduction zones: An act or a distance of subducting.

The scabland was created where the Ice Age floods accelerated across the tilted surface of the Palouse slope, causing massive erosion. Much of the eroded sediment was carried all the way to the Pacific Ocean.