I have two sisters, one older and one younger.  My favorite sport to play is softball, and I have been playing it since I was about four or five years old.  I am a pitcher and I also play third base.  I have played volleyball and basketball for a few years though as well.  My two sisters are in the marching band, my dad is a mechanic, and my mom is a stay at home mom.

Three Things About Me


My favorite animal is a horse because I think that these are beautiful creatures.  They have been my favorite animal since I was a little kid, but I don't have one.  I used to ride horses, but I am too busy now, so I don't.

The Color Purple

Purple is my favorite color, and I have always liked the color purple.  I think that this color is a great color.  A lot of things that are mine have the color purple on them somewhere, but not all.  

Sour Candy

My favorite type of candy is Sour Skittles. I love any type of sour candy, but sour skittles are my favorite.  I also like to eat anything that is sour like lemons or sour blueberries.

My Goals

  • I would like to be a better pitcher by the end of the softball season.  I am pretty good now, but I would love to be much better, so I would need to practice more.  I also would need to focus and not get distracted as easily as I do now too.  Hopefully by the end of this season, I will be a much better pitcher.
  • I would like to control how much money I spend.  I LOVE to shop and go blow all of my money.  I need to learn how to budget my money so that when I move out, I will know how to keep some money for things like bills or food.
  • When I grow up, I want to be a VETERINARIAN. I have always loved animals, and I want to help them.  To be a veterinarian, I will need to go to college for about six to eight years.  I will need between two and four years at a pre-veterinary college, and then another four years at a veterinarian school.  Once I complete all of my years of hard work in college, I can become a veterinarian!!!

Visit Paris

I want to travel to Paris, France.  I think it would be great to see the other side of the world, and to go to a new place.  I also want to see the Eiffel Tower there too.  It would be an amazing experience.

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