Visit Mars Today!

It's going to be fun.

Cold and dark

Mars is the only planet whose surface can be seen in detail from the Earth. It is red. Mars is the fourth closet plant to the Sun. One of Mars’ moons is moving closer and closer to Mars. Scientist think that oned day it will crash into Mars. Mars has the tallest volcano in the Solar System it is 15 miles high. The poles of Mars are covered in ice. Mars orbits the sun every 687 Earth days. Mars valleys and canyons on mars suggest that the planet once had large amounts of surface in water. The temperature on Mars is -225 degrees to 80 degrees. A day on Mars is slightly longer than a day on Earth. If you are going to visit Mars, you will need to take Oxygen because you won’t be able to breathe. You will also need a heated suit to protect you from the cold weather. You will also need to take plenty of food and water, because there is no water on Mars.

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