K-12 mlearning apps

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What is this? Voicethread is a cloud-based application that allows users to create and record audio and video files. These files can be made public, private or shared within a certain group like a LMS classroom. Voicethread also has a comments section that allows users to receive and give feedback within a wider community

Educational Uses: A powerful tool that allows for students who struggle with word processing skills to record and share their thoughts fluently. Could be use in lieu of traditional book reports given speaking to the front of the class. Allow high level of interaction, collaboration and feedback that traditional tools sometimes lack. Like their tagline says: Text can’t replace you.

Journal Jar

What is this? Journal Jar is a very straight forward app which you can be downloaded to any device and that provides you with short topics for journaling or short writing exercises.

Educational Uses: Would be ideal for creative or free writing assignments. It is perfect as the prompts are immediate, unlimited and extremely varied. Journal Jar takes the pressure off of teacher’s to come up with a single topic that will appeal to all students. The agency given to students would also help keep them engaged and motivated.

Choose Your Path

What is this? An application which allows users to create a choose your own adventure story.

Educational Uses: I see some interesting possibilities in a history class to highlight pivotal moments in history and the ramifications of these decisions. I think it could be really interesting as a creative writing tool as well, like a history and alternative history that kids could really play around with and have some fun. What if? Is always a loaded question which can generate a lot of critical thinking and material.

Storykit App

What is this? This app, which is available on itunes and allows users to create their own story book. Students can add images and text, design covers, chapter etc. It is designed to “take advantage of life’s little moments to create a story”.

Educational Uses: Similar to some other websites like papyrus which allows students to design create and share their own stories except it is specifically designed as a mobile app. This app would be ideal for use in the Social Studies, History and Language Arts classes. The creativity, freedom and ease of access would once again recruit interest and allow students to work on it whenever they get a free minute rather than solely when they are in class. A valuable asset in our hyper-fast world.


What is this? As the name would imply users can create comics of staggering complexity and layout.

Educational Uses: Comics are not just for kids, and they don’t have to be trashy. This is a medium of exploding popularity and something that can really connect with kids. The visual-textual nature of comics makes this a strong candidate for both Language Arts and Arts classes. Create your own superhero! Tales of ultra-mom? Or the teacher from the black lagoon!! Lot of potential, and a great way to examine different mediums of art and text. Students could see what really goes into the making

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