12/15/14 #SJSreports
Avoiding a Government Shutdown

By: Maria

When the GOP and the Democratic lawmakers thought they had the money to keep the government going, they were wrong. The group worked out the bill, but from there, everything went downhill. The GOP leaders realized that the bill wouldn't be enough money for the whole year. Voting was delayed, and it was a big, chaotic party. Because the Republicans weren't over the immigration law that President Barack Obama signed, they wanted the money to block immigrants from not being deported. Democrats had a different point of view. They were disappointed that the money would cancel some important parts of the Dodd-Frank law, which made changes in the American Financial Regulatory Environment. That would prevent the banks from going into a financial meltdown. But, the money would help with the political campaigns. Now, the Senates are voting to see about the $1.1 trillion, which prevented a government shutdown on December 12. The money will help the government to "survive" for the upcoming year if it is voted favorably.

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Picture 1: The U.S. Capitol Building

Picture 2: Democratic voting poster

Picture 3: Paul Ryan- ran for vice president(republican)

Picture 4: The U.S. Capitol Building

Picture 5: A U.S. Congress vote

Picture 6: Government shutdown

The location of Washington, D.C., where the U.S. government is located.

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