the lightbulb by
thomas alva edison

by suhaila hossain

thomas edison invention

   Thomas Edison made a lot of inventions besides the light bulb; he, also, made the telegragh.That was his first invention.The machine gave off a noise resembeling spoken word when it played on high speed.The machine could leave mesages with spoken words of the other person on the other end of the telegragh.

    Thomas Edison made a very special invention he made the light bulb.The light bulb is used alot like for lighting a way and for reading a book.Thomas Edison became very popular for his invention because of the things you could do with the light bulb.This invention was the greatest challenge yet for Edison.

    He used lower current electricity,a small carbonized filament, and an imporved vacuum inside the bulb and he was able to build a reliable long lasting light source of light. The idea was to make a electric light. It took a half a years work but eventually then he achieved a light for a lamp. The light bulb was made by a flammable gas. Edison made a seven way system elements that where critical to the practical application of the light bulb.                                                                                                     

    So Thomas Edison was born in Milan Ohio in Febuary 11,1847.Thomas Edison  also crated a industual research labortory .Thomas Edison died October 18,1931,in west orange,Newjersy.  

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