Star Clippers Cruise Ships

Star Clippers works three cruising vessels, the Star Clipper, the Star Flyer and the lead, the Royal Clipper, the biggest completely fixed cruising ship in operation. The journey line offers an extraordinary voyage experience, joining the conventions of the past with present day solaces and enhancements.

Ready for will revel in a laid nature's domain, amicable staff, and global cooking, all in complete solace. There is no formal clothing regulation, so when you pack, leave your coat, ties and mixed drink outfits at home. In case you're a cruising devotee, help out raising cruises or trip the pole. On the off chance that unwinding is your objective, simply lay back and let the group do all the work.

Our Royal Clipper offers a definitive maritime experience, adjusting the glory, undertaking and convention of cruising with the wonderful administration, enhancements and facilities of the finest advanced yachts. Visit the site of the ship's spa and wellbeing club, or discover a mystery hideaway on one of the shrouded galleries on either side of the bow.

A three-deck chamber channels daylight into the exquisite lounge area, where visitors delight in delightfully ready food and a no-tie clothing regulation. Rooms - of which everything except six are outside lodges - incorporate twofold or twin bunks that could be changed over to monarch size couches, and also marble-lined bathrooms, TV with in-house feature, immediate dial phone, hair dryer and agreeable decorations.

Our scissors deliver, the Star Clipper reflects her pleased legacy in every last bit of cleaned metal. The boat is close, with space for travelers, however open housing and sweeping teak decks give adequate space to unwinding or amusement.

Lounge at the indoor-outside Tropical Bar and Piano Bar or twist up before the chimney in the Edwardian-style library. Obsolescent prints and works of art of well known cruising ships satisfy the eye, while teak and sparkling mahogany rails are luxuriously reminiscent of Star Clippers' glad nautical legacy. All lodges have marble-lined bathrooms with showers and incorporate twofold or twin couches that could be changed over to ruler size cots. Additionally included are a TV with in-house feature, immediate dial phone and hair dryer.

Uncover another period of cruising on board the Star Flyer, where the conventions of the past are a stable married couple to the solaces and luxuries of the present. An advanced voyage transport all around, the four-pole, 16-sail watercraft is made for travelers who love the conventions and sentiment of the fabulous period of cruising boats. Life on board is happily loose, much like going on a private yacht. Two pools on the Sun Deck welcome sunbathers, while a cozy piano bar is accessible for night amusement. Visitors requiring a little downtime can visit the Edwardian-style library, with its sparkling chimney. All lodges are equipped with marble-lined bathrooms with showers, twofold or twin cots that might be changed over to ruler size couches, a TV with in-house feature, immediate dial phone and hair dryer.

Star Clippers is putting forth a chance to cruise the Panama Canal in the not so distant future, the centennial of what's been assigned one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.For more information visit the site .

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