Eric Madura

Types of Equipment a DJ Needs

There is not a one size fits all list for purchasing DJing equipment. If you’re old school, and many DJ’s swear by this, all you will need are turntables, needles, a mixer, headphones, an RCA cable to connect the mixer to the audio output, and, don’t forget, your vinyl records. This is the simplest setup and most DJ’s recommend you start off with this equipment when you are first learning as it is really foundational.

You can convert this base setup to a digital platform later, if you choose, by using software such as Serato Scratch Live or Traktor Scratch. These interface packages connect your equipment to your computer. This setup is the preferred setup of many professionals because it allows you to play both your vinyl records and your digital files.

There is a lot more options available for DJing and new technology is always hitting the scene. While these days you can DJ with just the push of a button, most DJ’s agree that the true art of DJing lies in the ability to have tactile control over the music. Starting with the basics of DJ equipment will help you learn the nuances and fine art of really playing to the crowd. You can choose to add software later, which will add a lot to your skill set, but you will always have that good foundation.

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