Vietnam War Events

1945 - Ho Chi Mign declares Vietnam's independence

The importance of this event is that Vietnam is free and aren't being controlled by anyone and have thier own country to handle. They have no other leader or country telling them what to do.

1964 - Golf of Tonkin incident

This was when North Vietnam attacking a US ship. The importance of this incident is that it got the US involved in the war, the incident that was the turning point for the US.

1965 - American troops arrive in Vietnam

The US is setting up camps in Vietnam. The importance of this is that it shows that the US is physically in the war and isn't sending supplies anymore.

1969 - Nixon announces Vietnamization

Vietnamization is when the US is slowly moving out of Vietnam. The importance of this is that the US is slowly going to move out of the war.

1969 - Cease fire in Paris

The importance of this is that it ends the war and conflict between the countries divided.

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