Fear of losing the things You work so hard for is rational.  Irrational is not trying to do something about it.  Make sure you have enough coverage on your home now free, no strings attached.  No kidding.  Guaranteed. 

But, please act fast because this is only available to the first 35 people to respond and only until July 20th 2014.

     If a tornado, fire, or whatever demolished your home today, do you have enough insurance to put it back just like it is now?  If you wonder or simply don't know the answer, then you need to act.  I sincerely hate to see anyone lose their lifelong investments and that's why we are offering this free ($199 value) reconstruction estimate.    

Your free estimate goes in to all of the features of your home.  Like quality of construction, types of flooring, exterior walls, # baths, etc...

This is free.  No strings attached.  Seriously.  You can use this information anyway you like.  It will be provided in a PDF document via email to you.  You own it, it's yours'.  Heck, if it has any thing wrong when we send it to you, tell us and we will update anything that needs to be updated.  Still free to you.

You may wonder "why" we would provide this estimate free, with no strings attached.  That's easy.  We sincerely want you and everyone else to have the amount of coverage needed to prevent you from losing your hard earned dollars.

You may also wonder "who" we are.  We are McGhee Insurance Agency located at 8210 JFK in No. Little Rock/Sherwood.  Learn more about us by clicking here   

Have I convinced you to do this for yourself..your family?  To prevent a nasty Tornado from taking your hard earned, not easy to come by money?  Good.

Click here now to enter your name & email to get started.

BOLD GURANTEE:  if you do not find the reconstruction estimate of value once you receive it, then let me know and I will send you a $5 Subway gift card just for wasting your time.  


Offered by McGhee Insurance Agency, inc 8210 JFK NLR/Sherwood

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