Curly's Wife

~Desperate ~Isolated ~Lonely  

All i wanted was:

To be famous

To have friends

To be the center of attention

To be respected

To move to Hollywood

But what i didn't want:

To be married to Curly

To stay home alone

To live on a farm

To be disrespected

To not be able to talk to anyone

Curly's wife is around 19 years old. The only reason she married Curly was to make her mom upset, and now she is regretting her decision. Curly's wife is desperately looking for a purpose in life thats why she wants to be an actress and move to Hollywood.  

Curly's wife interacts with Slim a lot. When she interacts with Slim it is very sexual, we are not sure if they have been seeing each other behind Curly. In the book it shows Slim and Curly's wife interacting a lot especially when Curly is no where in site. Another character she interact with is with Lennie. When Curly's wife interacts with Lennie it is very weird because when she tries to talk to him he tries not to respond but when he does its just awkward. In the book Curly's wife is very cautioned with him because she is so confused why he wont talk to her. The last character she interacts with is Crooks. Curly's wife is very rude when she talks to Crooks because he is black. In the book it shows them talking and she made Crooks rethink his decision to go with Candy,Lennie and George to the new farm. Also Curly's wife likes to, put Crooks down and tell him if he does that she is going to tell people that he did something to her, so that she is what kind of a person she is.

Curly's wife affects the plot because if she just married the person she wanted to she would of never messed with everybody. Curly's wife would also not be dead is she just did not marry Curly, which lead to Lennie getting killed at the end too.

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